A System of Change

At The Hive we believe that before we can become change agents we must first be willing to change. Our prevention consists of unique learning sessions that can be provided in schools, churches, homes, employment offices, and community centers.

Learning Session Series include:

  • Sexual Assault 101
  • Intimate Partner Violence 101
  • My Value, My Worth, My Love
  • A Faith Base Response to Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence



Sexual Assault

Our preventative sexual assault program is geared towards high school and college students. Through interactive sessions, participants are provided with the fundamental knowledge and understanding of sexual assault, consent, rights, and additional local services in the community.

Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships

This preventative series covers topics such as the evolution of friendship and the different forms of bullying and online safety to reduce cyberbullying and sexting. Participants will learn preventative strategies, communication skills, and conflict resolution.

Healthy Choices

Our healthy choices curriculum educates participants on the dangers of engaging in risky behaviors such as premarital sex, drinking, smoking, drugs, sexting, promiscuity, and more. Participants learn the importance of self-worth, how to handle peer pressure, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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The Hive Community Circle is a health awareness 501(c)3 organization serving victims of sexual trauma and dating violence. We provide prevention, intervention, and educational awareness.
  • Serving Columbia, SC & Surrounding Areas
  • (803) 470-5572

March 4, 2017
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