A Community Where Everyone Belongs

The Hive Community Circle believes that everyone deserves a place to belong, to be heard, and to be supported.  

Through a holistic diverse approach, our intervention services have been developed to support clients in every area of their lives mentally, physically, and spiritually. Currently we offer two support models, Queen’s Gather and Healing Unspoken Wounds.  We partner with local community organizations and counseling agencies to provide additional support services beyond our capacity.

Queens Gather

Queens Gather is a bi-weekly gathering for survivors of sexual assualt/intimate partner violence. Queens Gather provides a unique experience for survivors who desire culturally based support services.  It is an open community and available to all no matter where one may be in their journey.  It is also a great accompaniment for those who are receiving one on one counseling however additionally desire community.

Healing Unspoken Wounds Women’s Circle

Healing Unspoken Wounds is a community for survivors of sexual assault who desire healing from a Christian approach. This closed circle is for women who are looking to grow, gain new insights, and benefit from the support of peers as they move forward in their journey of healing from their experiences of sexual violence/intimate partner violence. For more information on joining the community please email us at

Our community is strictly confidential, experience specific, and age classified. Our services are open to all women 18 and older regardless on one’s gender identity, ethnicity, or sexual preference all survivors  are welcome. Meetings will be held in a secure private location. For more information or to register today fill out our inquiry form.

We welcome you to join us!


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The Hive Community Circle is a health awareness 501(c)3 organization serving victims of sexual trauma and dating violence. We provide prevention, intervention, and educational awareness.
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March 4, 2017
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