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Change Takes all of US!

When we all Beelieve in the Power of Giving it enables us to not only make a difference in the lives of survivors but continue the work to keep ALL People free from every form of sexual and intimate partner violence!

With your support, any amount that you decide to give will empower The Hive Community Circle to revolutionize hope, healing, and freedom One Hive, One Community, and One Nation at a time.

At The Hive, we are very intentional about and invested in ensurng that all survivors of sexual assault (SA) and intimate partner violence (IPV) receive the support and resources they need to live healtheir, safer lives. Your support is essential to ensuring we are able to expand and continue our work with women who are experiencing or have experienced Sexual Assault and/or Intimate Partner Violence.

When you invest in the Hive you are:

  • Providing a survivor with advocacy and support programs such as our group support, Queen’s Gather.
  • Funding a safe space for girls to learn and grow through Girl’s Circle.
  • Assisting us to ensure  survivors have adequate housing, food resources, clothing and other essential items that every human being should never have to go without.

Will you help us support women escaping the trauma of sexual or domestic/dating violence? An estimated 29.1% of African American females are victimized by intimate partner violence in their lifetime, and for every 1 black woman that discloses her abuse,15 do not. Choose today to help us reach those silenced by their trauma and oppression.

Here are ways you can support our initiatives or create an option that’s suitable for you:

  • $25 –  Supports us in equipping a local teen with educational tools for safe dating
  • $33- Goes towards our office and building operations
  • $50 – Supports a survivor of interpersonal violence benefit from one of our healing circles
  • $75 – Goes toward our Bi-Annual SC Survivors Summit and operations to assists in expanding our reach and becoming a greater resource to the community.
  • $100 – Goes toward our operations to assists in expanding our reach and becoming a greater resource to the community.

If you are interested in customizing your investment and making recurring gifts to The Hive Community Circle you can also customize your contribution. Gifts as small as $10 a month can make a big impact in our programming.

Choose today to help us continue to build a Hive supporting underserved women and girls escaping the trauma of interpersonal violence and promote safe communities.


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The Hive Community Circle is a health awareness 501(c)3 organization serving victims of sexual trauma and dating violence. We provide prevention, intervention, and educational awareness.
  • Serving Columbia, SC & Surrounding Areas
  • (803) 470-5572

March 4, 2017
“Unveiled”: Memoirs of a Survivor Benefit Fashion Show