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 Tis the Season to Beenevolent

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, The Hive has been able to accomplish several milestones this year, making it one to remember.  First, we launched Queens Gather, a bi-weekly healing circle for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Secondly, The Hive is now certified to facilitate Girls Circle curriculum to adolescent girls with the purpose of fostering self-efficacy and promoting resiliency.

We would like to introduce you to one of our participants Kennedy, a charismatic, amazingly talented, and selfless teen. Kennedy like most teens was eager to join a circle where she could connect with other teen girls in a space created by them and for them. A space that supported Kennedy in sharing a personal experience that no teen should have to, and unfortunately 1 in 3 teens are. During our Circle, Kennedy shared her food item of significance with the Circle which were petit fours and while yes who doesn’t love them, the significance behind them was even sweeter. You see petit fours are special to Kennedy because when she was experiencing bullying in school, she would call her mom who would come and sit with her and process her experience over petit fours, which always cheered her up! Today, she is no longer a part of that negative environment and we applaud her parents in ensuring their daughter is taught in a setting that is safe and respectful for all individuals.

So why do your dollar’s matter? Because it helps other teens like Kennedy have a space to share the experiences they’ve faced in life and find the strength and motivation to move forward. Research shows that healthy peer relationships lead to healthy intimate relationships. When asked how Girls Circle has made a difference in her life, Kennedy shared, “Girls Circle has helped me learn how powerful my voice can be and how important it is to use it in my life as well in the lives of those afraid to speak up for themselves. I love how the Circle supports and encourages each other.”

As we embark on our Year-End Fundraising Campaign, we are extending a personal invitation to you for an Oppawtunity to Give November 28- December 31stas we Tis the Season to be Beenevolent! On #GivingTuesday we raised $1,100.00. With your support we can reach the remaining $4,900.00 of our goal, which will support us in impacting the lives of more girls like Kennedy and assists us in our commitment to end interpersonal violence.

To participate in our #TistheSeasontoBeenevolent Campaign today just click here to give. We are also highlighting our furry friends who are supporting the cause. We invite you to share a picture with us to highlight all the #pawsforacause you may email us at If you are interested in customizing your investment and making recurring gifts to The Hive Community Circle this service is also available at the link. Gifts as small as $10 a month can make a huge impact to our programming.

Will you help us continue to build a Hive supporting underserved women and girls escaping the trauma of interpersonal violence and promote safe communities?

Here are ways you can support our initiatives or create an option that’s suitable for you:

  • $35 –  Supports us in equipping a local teen with educational tools for safe dating
  • $50 – Supports a survivor of interpersonal violence benefit from one of our healing circles
  • $100 – Goes toward our Bi-Annual SC Survivors Summit and operations to assists in expanding our reach and becoming a greater resource to the community.

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The Hive Community Circle is a health awareness 501(c)3 organization serving victims of sexual trauma and dating violence. We provide prevention, intervention, and educational awareness.
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March 4, 2017
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